Our process is designed to produce measurable results plus long-term value. It consists of the following three phases:

Phase 1. Plan

Planning is an integral component to everything we do. We examine and recommend relevant positioning and implementation for long-term brand-planning or for independent projects you might have. We ask questions, brainstorm, generate ideas and solutions and analyze your audience to develop a marketing strategy. Working together with your team our strategies align with your organizational objectives and define specific goals that create sound results.

Phase 2. Develop

In this phase, the project comes to life and the magic happens. Our expert development team transforms creative ideas into custom communication solutions. Concepts are designed and client assets are incorporated. Then proofs or prototypes are developed and upon final testing and review, the project is approved for production and deployment.

Phase 3. Manage

We take pride in producing projects that deliver clear, measurable, and often remarkable results. To achieve this, we commit ourselves to remain engaged with our clients. We routinely analyze key performance indicators. We make recommendations based on data and industry best practices. We stay on top of and evaluate new emerging technologies, industry trends, and provide recommendations to refine tactics to maximize our value.

Contact us with your project idea. We can schedule a complimentary consultation and assessment. Let us take your marketing to the next level and join our list of satisfied Backstreet clients.