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New Backstreet Promotional Item

Here at Backstreet we love designing for our clients but there is something exciting about designing for ourselves. Picking the perfect item that we know we will use ourselves and we hope you feel the same, and then designing them to represent us as a company and individually (as each designer brings something different to the table). In the past we have done internal promotional printing of dice, decks of cards, travel mugs, squishy brains, origami paper, calendars and things I can’t even remember any more. They are our way of promoting our business but also getting our design juices flowing and showing our clients what we can do. So if you have a meeting with us in the near future you are likely to have one of these useful cubes planted in front of you. And if you just want one feel free to find some work you need done and schedule a meeting, or just swing by the office and take one (*whispering* they are stored in the kitchen). But do it soon, the way Greg uses sticky notes we are likely to run out.

Promotional Item

Devon 5Peaks Race

Sarah and I (Erin) completed our 5th 5Peaks race of the year at Devon on Saturday. It was a wonderful day to run. The leaves are changing the air is crisp (and then a few hours later boiling hot – good ol’ Alberta) and the tree roots are ready to be tripped over. We survived with limited injuries which is all you can ask for at 5Peaks (if your designs from Sarah are rolling a little slow this week – be nice – her pinky might be broken).

Designers who run

Designers who run

Getting this site going…

To anyone currently viewing the website I just want to apologize for the lack of portfolio content. We are working on getting everything up in a timely manner so keep checking back. But I hope you enjoy the rest of the website – it’s going to be great.

New Faces…

A little behind in posting this but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. We would like to bid a fond farewell to Jessica Uhren who has defected to Calgary (if you see her feel free to give her a hard time about it) and we welcome our new team member and designer Jason Scheibelhofer.

We will also miss Taniah Bergen who has left KickMedia (who we share office space with) for a new opportunity. With her new job we loose one of our lovely office dogs – Armani (little black one). We offered to dog sit him for her during the day but I guess he will be fine home with her husband… So we are down to Coco the dog and Oliver the cat as our office pets. Good luck Taniah – and don’t be a stranger.